Design Your Wedding Cake

Size, Pricing and Style

Your wedding cake is the crowning glory of your day.

Cutting your wedding cake together, feeding each other the first sweet bite, posing beside it for photographs, it’s all part of the wedding day romance. Your wedding cake will be photographed and remembered by you for years to come.

How To Design Your Cake


How many tiers should your wedding cake have?

A traditional wedding cake has three tiers and each tier has its own significance.

Tradition has it that the bottom tier is for eating at the ceremony, the middle tier for distributing after the event and the top tier you may wish to keep for any future christenings or naming days

Now that couples wait longer before starting a family the tradition of the top tier has changed and is now known to be saved for the bride and grooms first wedding anniversary.

Couples may choose to have different flavours of cake for each tier. Chocolate, fruit cake etc.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What size of cake do I need for the number of guests I have at my wedding celebration?

The size of the tiers can vary as well as the number of tiers you have. If you like the look of taller cakes you could ask your cake maker if you could have smaller cakes but more tiers.

How soon should I order my Wedding cake?

You want to make sure your cake is available, and you have plenty of time to try some samples.

Can You cater for allergies?

Yes, please just communicate your dietary needs.

Can all the decoration be edible?

This depends on how you want your cake to look. There are many styles of decorations available such as edible flowers, meringue kisses, popcorn sprayed in a whole range of colours, sugar flowers, fresh fruits and real flowers. It is best to show your cake maker a few styles and to go from there.

How long can I store my cake after the big day?

If you wish to follow tradition and keep a tier for christenings or anniversaries, fruit cake is the best type to use and can last for over a year if properly stored. If you want to keep it for longer it can be frozen.

Wedding Cake Size & Price

All of our cakes are bespoke and made to order to your individual requirements, and as such, we don’t have a generic one-size-fits-all price list.

We do have a helpful chart that gives you the average price of one of our cakes which should help you as a guide when figuring out all the important budgeting bits.